Voglia x Red Siren Swimwear Collaboration

We met in Charlotte, NC in 2015 - long before Voglia Swimwear was envisioned and immediately fell in love with their style, signature embellishments and mission to help save Sea Turtles. 

After a few sips of fresh coconut water, a hippie festival, and a few fashion shows later, we knew that this was a special bond.

Fast forward a few years later, founder of Red Siren, Jeri Gail, decided to step down and focus more on designing & other areas of interest in her life, including being a mom of two (going on three)! With that, we've decided to help her sell her remaining (and gawgeous) bikinis while fulfilling their commitment of donating to the Sea Turtle Rescue & Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. 

We hope you can show the love & support for this line as you've shown us.