Make A Wish - About Voglia Swimwear


Meaning "wish" in Italian, our wish is for a cleaner, healthier, better world and that starts by cleaning up our oceans, beaches, waterways and saving marine life. Our capsule collection, Spaced Out, is made in Italy from regenerated materials found in our oceans aka illegal fishing nets; surprisingly creating a softer nylon like material, but better. 

10% of all sales benefit The Role Foundation.

Your bikinis are shipped in eco-friendly, plastic free and reusable packaging. 


"I was awarded 'Most Likely to be President of a Nudist Colony' at our Girl Scout Camp Counselor Award Ceremony in 2003 - it's true, I hate clothes but always found comfort in swim. I never thought I'd wake up and say I'm going to start designing bikinis' no - I literally dreamt it after 10+ years of producing luxury swim & lingerie fashion shows, it's like the Universe was talking to me. I always say, you can stay asleep and dream or you can bring your dreams to life, so I am bringing my dream to life. Instead of just being another swimwear brand, the mission is higher - I am an advocate on minimal to zero waste and do my hardest to live a sustainable lifestyle - you can't have a sustainable brand and not live the lifestyle - I want to educate our consumers on our 70 tons of fashion waste a year and encourage them to reduce & reuse while introducing them to other sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Help me grant more wishes by joining our wishlist!"